The Laboratory “Olio dei Benedettini” is situated in the village of Lucinasco, in the countryside of Imperia.
Lucinasco is a typical village of western Liguria, the “Riviera dei Fiori”, with 274 inhabitants and 55.000 olive trees that produce about 200.000 extra-virgin bottles of oil, a small but top quality drop of the 1.700.000 tons of oil produced yearly around the World.

It is said in fact that 1 hectar of olive trees produce 8 tons of oil in Andalusia, 2 tons in Puglia and only 1.5 tons at Lucinasco.

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Mob. 335/1817816, 339/1191567 - Email

P.IVA 01285570089

Lab. Olio dei Benedettini - Via Lucinasco 5 - 18020 Lucinasco - IMPERIA