My oil-producing business was officially launched in 2001 even though the family has been cultivating olive groves for generations. From our 3.5 hectares we produce extra-virgin olive oil and olives in “salamoia”, a salty solution flavoured with a selection of aromatic herbs left to marinate for 6 to 7 months.
My olive grove is situated in the countryside of Imperia not far from the French border, more exactly in the countee of Lucinasco, a small village at the top of a beautiful terracced hill fully covered of “taggiasca” olive trees, quality brought, it is said, by the Benedettini friars in the XII-XIII century. This is why I called my farm "L'olio dei Benedettini".
I run the farm by myself with the help of my husband from time to time. The trees are attended as per the old tradition without any modern "chemical help", an intense and year-long task producing a pure juice of Nature.

Milena Carenzo


Oil,Olives in salamoia,
Olives without bones under oil and patè di olive
Lab. Olio dei Benedettini - Via Lucinasco 5 - 18020 Lucinasco - IMPERIA